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  1. The implications of a transition from tickler chain beam trawl to electric pulse trawl on the sustainability and ecosystem effects of the fishery for North Sea sole: an impact assessment.

    Publication | 19-05-2020

  2. Lethal and non-lethal effects of trawling on the benthic invertebrate food web

    The pulse trawl is presented as an alternative for the traditional tickler chain beam trawl. The beam trawl has a direct lethal ...

    Publication | 02-03-2020

  3. Bergman, M. J. N., and Meesters, E. H. 2020. First indications for reduced mortality of non-target invertebrate benthic megafauna after pulse beam trawling. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 77. 10.1093/icesjms/fsz250


    Publication | 17-01-2020

  4. Pulsvisserij in de Zuidelijke Noordzee, Beleidsinformerende nota, 2019

    Report | 10-01-2020

  5. Guidelines for defining the use of electricity in marine electrotrawling, 2019

    Press release | 10-01-2020

  6. Report of the 3rd International Dialogue Meeting on Pulse Fisheries, 19 June 2018

    Report | 10-01-2020

  7. Report of the Working Group on Electric Trawling (WGELECTRA) 2018

    Report | 10-01-2020

  8. Preliminary assessment reduction ecological and environmental impacts

    Report | 10-01-2020

  9. Declining catch rates of small scale fishers in the southern North Sea in relation to the pulse transition in the beam trawl fleet

    Report | 21-11-2019

  10. A Study to Investigate the Potential Ecological Impacts of Pulse Trawling, CEFAS 2019

    Report | 21-11-2019