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Final Report of the Working Group on Electrical Trawling (WGELECTRA)

WGELECTRA met three times (22–24/10/2014; 10–12/11/2015, and 17–19/01/2017) to discuss the ongoing research projects in Belgium, ...

Report | 17-01-2017

Pulse fisheries in the Netherlands - Economic and spatial impact study

This study was carried out by Wageningen Economic Research and was commissioned and financed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic ...

Report | 15-12-2016

Pulse fishing and its effects on the marine ecosystem and fisheries

This research project was carried out by Wageningen Marine Research at the request of and with funding from the Ministry of ...

Report | 06-12-2016

Competitive interactions between two fishing fleets in the North Sea

Research article published in ICES Journal of Marine Science. Authors: Klaas Sys, Jan Jaap Poos, Jef Van Meensel, Hans Polet, and ...

Media article | 29-11-2016

Pulse trawling: Evaluating its impact on prey detection by small-spotted catshark

Research article published in Elsevier's Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. Authors: Marieke Desender, Stephen ...

Report | 09-11-2016

Laboratory Study of the Impact of Repetitive Electrical and Mechanical Stimulation on Brown Shrimp Crangon crangon

Research article published in Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science 8:404–411, 2016. Authors: ...

Media article | 16-05-2016

Reducing bycatch in beam trawls and electrotrawls with (electrified) benthos release panels

Research article published in ICES Journal of Marine Science. Authors: Maarten Soetaert, Heleen Lenoir, and Bart Verschueren.

Media article | 05-05-2016

Pulse trawl fishing: characteristics of the electrical stimulation and the effect on behaviour and injuries of Atlantic cod

Research article published in ICES Journal of Marine Science. Authors:D. de Haan, J. E. Fosseidengen, P. G. Fjelldal, D. ...

Media article | 16-03-2016

Perceptions of European stakeholders of pulse fishing

This research project examines the concerns and questions of European stakeholders about pulse fishing, in order to assess to ...

Report | 01-07-2015

Flatfish pulse fishing - Research results and knowledge gaps II

This report is an extension and translation of the report of Quirijns, F., Strietman, W.J., Van Marlen, B., Rasenberg, M. 2013. ...

Report | 15-06-2015