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Laboratory Study of the Impact of Repetitive Electrical and Mechanical Stimulation on Brown Shrimp Crangon crangon

Research article published in Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science 8:404–411, 2016. Authors: ...

Media article | 16-05-2016

Reducing bycatch in beam trawls and electrotrawls with (electrified) benthos release panels

Research article published in ICES Journal of Marine Science. Authors: Maarten Soetaert, Heleen Lenoir, and Bart Verschueren.

Media article | 05-05-2016

Pulse trawl fishing: characteristics of the electrical stimulation and the effect on behaviour and injuries of Atlantic cod

Research article published in ICES Journal of Marine Science. Authors:D. de Haan, J. E. Fosseidengen, P. G. Fjelldal, D. ...

Media article | 16-03-2016

Perceptions of European stakeholders of pulse fishing

This research project examines the concerns and questions of European stakeholders about pulse fishing, in order to assess to ...

Report | 01-07-2015

Flatfish pulse fishing - Research results and knowledge gaps II

This report is an extension and translation of the report of Quirijns, F., Strietman, W.J., Van Marlen, B., Rasenberg, M. 2013. ...

Report | 15-06-2015

Pulse trawl fishing: The effects on dab

Wild-caught dab (Limanda limanda) were exposed to two different electrical pulse stimuli both commercially applied in Dutch ...

Report | 22-05-2015

Huidzweren bij vissen in het Belgisch deel van de Noordzee

Het voorkomen van huidzweren of zogenaamde ‘skin ulcers’ bij wilde vissen is geen nieuw fenomeen. Al sinds 1985 evalueert het ...

Report | 15-04-2015

Brandstofbesparing 75% - Energiebesparing en rendementsverbeteringen aan boord van TX 36 (2.000 pk kotter)

Onderzoek door C. Taal, A. Klok en M.N.J. Turenhout. Dit onderzoek is mede gefinancieerd door het Europees Visserij Fonds (EVF) ...

Report | 15-04-2015

Measuring and assessing the physical impact of beam trawling

Research article published in ICES Journal of Marine Science. Authors: Jochen Depestele, Ana Ivanovic, Koen Degrendele, Moosa ...

Media article | 06-04-2015

Lessons learned from the transition towards an innovative fishing technique

This thesis by Tim Haasnoot identified the transition pathway of the pulse trawl technique on flatfish. The research focused on ...

Report | 15-01-2015