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Flatfish pulse fishing - Research results and knowledge gaps

Knowledge about the effects of pulse fishing is spread out over various reports and policy documents; a complete and accessible ...

Report | 03-12-2013

Platvis pulsvisserij - Resultaten onderzoek en kennisleemtes

Kennis over effecten van pulsvisserij is verspreid over verschillende rapporten en beleidsstukken waar-door een compleet en ...

Report | 03-12-2013

Monitoring catches in the pulse fishery

This report provides information on the catch composition of the Dutch pulse fishery targeting flatfish. Since 2007 in the ...

Report | 29-11-2013

Catch comparison of flatfish pulse trawls and a tickler chain beam trawl

Research article published in Elsevier's Fischeries Research. Authors: B. van Marlen, J.A.M. Wiegerinck, E. van Os-Koomen, E. van ...

Media article | 17-11-2013

ICES - Report of the Study Group on Electrical Trawling 2013 (SGELECTRA)

The Study Group on Electrical Trawling (SGELECTRA), chaired by Bob van Marlen, the Netherlands and Bart Verschueren, Belgium, met ...

Report | 22-10-2013

Factsheet - Effecten van de pulsvisserij: een overzicht 2013

Product van Kenniskring Visserij.

Brochure | 15-10-2013

Electrotrawling: a promising alternative fishing technique warranting further exploration

Research article published in John Wiley & Sons Ltd, FISH and FISHERIES. Authors: Maarten Soetaert, Annemie Decostere, Hans ...

Media article | 10-06-2013

ICES - Request from France to review the work of SGELECTRA and to provide an updated advice on electric pulse trawl

France requested ICES to review the work of SGELECTRA and to provide an updated advice on the ecosystem effects of pulse trawl, ...

Discussion document | 12-11-2012

Presentatie - Pulsvisserij overzicht onderzoek

Presentatie 'Pulsvisserij overzicht onderzoek' door Bob van Marlen op 30 maart 2012.

Speech | 30-03-2012

Presentatie - HOVERCRAN: 'De garnalenpulskor'

Presentatie 'De Garnalenpulskor - Duurzaam vissen op grijze garnaal met minder teruggooi en minder bodemcontact' door Bart ...

Speech | 30-03-2012