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Sustainable brown shrimp fishery - is pulse fishing a promising option?

This technical report by WWF Germany has been funded by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation in the frame of the project ...

Report | 15-03-2014

Nieuwe technieken in de kottervisserij

Sector-update van de ABN AMRO.

Publication | 19-02-2014

Factsheet - Belang puls techniek voor Nederlandse visserijvloot

Product van Kenniskring Visserij.

Brochure | 06-02-2014

Toekomst van de pulsvisserij in de Waddenzee

Dit onderzoek is uitgevoerd in het kader van het EVF project Uitvoeringsprogramma Brede Visie duurzame visserij in de Waddenzee . ...

Report | 15-01-2014

The effects of electric pulse stimulation on cultured adult cod, continued research 2013

The IMARES study of 2010 on cultured adult and juvenile cod showed that vertebral injuries occurred in 50-70 % of the adult cod ...

Report | 16-12-2013

Discard sampling of Dutch bottom-trawl and seine fisheries in 2012

In the European Union, the collection of discard data is enforced through the Data Collection Regulation Framework (DCF) of the ...

Report | 15-12-2013

Flatfish pulse fishing - Research results and knowledge gaps

Knowledge about the effects of pulse fishing is spread out over various reports and policy documents; a complete and accessible ...

Report | 03-12-2013

Platvis pulsvisserij - Resultaten onderzoek en kennisleemtes

Kennis over effecten van pulsvisserij is verspreid over verschillende rapporten en beleidsstukken waar-door een compleet en ...

Report | 03-12-2013

Monitoring catches in the pulse fishery

This report provides information on the catch composition of the Dutch pulse fishery targeting flatfish. Since 2007 in the ...

Report | 29-11-2013

Catch comparison of flatfish pulse trawls and a tickler chain beam trawl

Research article published in Elsevier's Fischeries Research. Authors: B. van Marlen, J.A.M. Wiegerinck, E. van Os-Koomen, E. van ...

Media article | 17-11-2013