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  1. The impacts of flatfish pulse trawling: evidence review, data gaps and future research, CEFAS 2019

    Report | 21-11-2019

  2. Direct mortality among demersal fish and benthic organisms in the wake of pulse trawling.

    Publication | 01-10-2019

  3. Effects of abiotic variables on the survival of discarded bycatches in North Sea pulse trawl fisheries Report

    Publication | 01-05-2019

  4. Spatial dynamics of pulse vessels: a preliminary analysis of the pulse logbook data collected in 2017 and 2018.

    Publication | 01-04-2019

  5. Comparison of the effects of pulse trawls and traditional beam trawls, targeting North Sea sole. ICES Advice, May 2018

    Report | 30-01-2019

  6. Cod-end selectivity for sole (Solea solea) and plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) in North Sea pulse-trawl fisheries

    Report | 30-01-2019

  7. Increasing the survival of discards in North Sea pulse-trawl fisheries

    Report | 30-01-2019

  8. Discards survival probabilities of flatfish and rays in North Sea pulse-trawl fisheries

    Report | 30-01-2019

  9. Fishing within the 12 nm zone (in Dutch)

    Report | 30-01-2019

  10. Recommendations for additional research into pulse-trawl fisheries based on an inventory of stakeholder concerns, December 2018

    This document is a report of the Third International Pulse Stakeholder Dialogue meeting hosted by the Dutch Ministry of ...

    Report | 25-01-2019