Information package on pulse fisheries

The Dutch fisheries producers organisations, VisNed and the Vissersbond, created an online information package on pulse fisheries. On the website of the Visserbond you can find:

  • a factsheet by the Vissersbond and VisNed,
  • an infographic by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality,
  • an opinion article of Stichting De Noordzee, Greenpeace, NEV and Good Fish Foundation,
  • a position paper of the Visfederatie.

All information is available in English and French. The factsheet and the infographic are also available in other languages, such as German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

Information available in English and French

Although the website is in Dutch, you will find all information in English and French in the first paragraph 'Factsheets over pulsvisserij' on the webpage 'Wat is pulsvisserij?' (

Steering Committee on Pulse Fisheries

Both VisNed and the Vissersbond are members of the Steering Committee on Pulse Fisheries.